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Safe and healthy food among Tibetan nomad communities


Titre : Safe and healthy food among Tibetan nomad communities

Zone d’intervention : Tibet

Date : Closed in January 2018

Domaine d’intervention : Health water and sanitation, training courses and micro enterprises

Contexte :
Chengdu is one of the most remote Chinese counties, with an almost excluively nomad population, and one of the lowest pro capita incomes in China at about 300 Euro per year. The role of animal rearing is fundamental, because it both ensures management of the territory and also it constitutes the main source of food and trade among the Tibetan nomad communities. Climate change is bringing to its knees an already very poor area : ever longer periods of drought are harming the pastures while the greater intensity of rainfall is increasing erosion and land instabilty ; rising temperature has heightened the frequency of epidemics among animals, and the exceptional snowfalls, cause human fatalities and of livestock.

Our aim is to reverse the poverty cycle in the local communities through : bolstering the veterinary facilities in Labu, that will be utilised both for storing the main medicines (above all perishable vaccines) ; medical instruments and as a veterinary health post ; training 257 para-veterinary operators who will also receive kits (basic medicines, vaccines, first aid tools, field refrigerators for preserving vaccines) ; preparing a manual in Tibetan and English also with an interactive DVD for gathering and spreading healing practices in danger of being lost ; training 55 women from 32 co-operatives in the county in the transformation of milk and the reduction of health risks, to combat the risk of brucellosis and echinoccocus, and providing washable equipment and instruments ; an awareness raising campaign in 4 County schools (4500 children) with information on basic health and hygiene practices in particular connected to food. Also we are involving 4 junior middle schools and 3 upper middle schools in Trento province in Italy (4000 school children) for the promotion of the project activities through events and photo exhibitions for the diffusion of the “good practice” which is the aim of the proect, and for the creation of synergies between tradition and innovation in Italy and in Tibet.

Co financement : Nando Peretti foundation Autonomous Province of Trento

ASIA – Association for International Solidarity in Asia

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