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University of East Anglia (1990)

Rural structure and agrarian change in Doukkala, Morocco

Buaslah, al-Tibari

Titre : Rural structure and agrarian change in Doukkala, Morocco.

Auteur : Buaslah, al-Tibari

Université de soutenance : University of East Anglia

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) : 1990

This thesis is concerned with the process of agrarian change and specifically with the uneven effects of the development of capitalism in the Doukkala region of Morocco, from the mid-nineteenth century to the present time. First, the thesis analyses the nature of pre-colonial social formation of Doukkala and examines the impact of the gradual integration of the Doukkala agrarian economy, and that of Morocco as a whole, into the world market on local economic, social and political structures. Second, the analysis focuses on agrarian change in Doukkala during the colonial period (1912-1956) with specific emphasis on the emergence of agrarian capitalism, and its impact on changing forms and relations of production and class formation within the Doukkala agrarian economy and society. Third, the thesis analyses the process of uneven development of agrarian capitalism in contemporary Doukkala (1956-1989) through a detailed study of sub-regional farming systems, intra-regional economic disparities and differential levels of the development of the forces of production. Household production, capital accumulation, survival strategics and relations of production are examined at the level of the village (Douar) in order to illustrate the central argument that capitalist transformation in Moroccan agriculture implies unequal rural development.differentiation and proletarianisation. The thesis also examines the role of the Moroccan state in the process of unequal development and differentiation under capitalism. The objective of the thesis is to provide a theoretical and empirical basis for an adequate approach of rural development in Morocco

Présentation : EThOS (UK)

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