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University of Edinburgh (1990)

A landscape brief for Egyptian desert new towns

Gabr, Mostafa Mohamed

Titre : A landscape brief for Egyptian desert new towns

Auteur : Gabr, Mostafa Mohamed

Université de soutenance : University of Edinburgh

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) : 1990

The Egyptian government, faced with major problems of runaway population increases and very limited agricultural land has emphasised the importance of siting new urban expansion in desert areas rather than the Nile Valley. A new town development programme has been set up by the government to achieve this. Five new towns are now in the second stage of their development. Most of these towns however lack a proper understanding and application of landscape principles and concepts compatible with environmental dictates. The present study was directed, therefore, to examining this deficiency. It consists of four parts. The first provides relevant background on Egypt and the problems of its new towns, and examines the landscape factors that have shaped the recent E.N.T. sites. The second part presents two case studies of typical new towns in order to elucid¬ ate the extent to which a landscape brief was identified and expressed in the final plans. This part draws on the work of a three months period of field study. Part three considers in more detail the emphasis necessary to relate physical structure and social aspect to the tradi¬ tional environment. Finally, part four presents ideas for an appropri¬ ate landscape for urban expansion in the Egyptian desert.

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