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Islamic University – Gaza (2016)

Patterns of Agricultural Use in Khan younis (Study in Agricultural Geography

حسن, رغدة عبد الله سليم

Titre : Patterns of Agricultural Use in Khan younis (Study in Agricultural Geography

Auteur : حسن, رغدة عبد الله سليم

Université de soutenance : Islamic University – Gaza

Grade : Master Geography 2016

Khan Younis is one of the agricultural governorates as it is a distinguished plain area, and provide a suitable ground water, as well as the large number of population, significant shifts have been done in the agricultural pattern . The study aims at identifying the human, economic and natural conditions and factors affecting agricultural used patterns in the governorate. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, more than a scientific approach has been used, where the study collected between objective approach that examines a specific topic which is agriculture in the governorate in particular and the analytical approach which analyzes the phenomenon that is studied from all aspects and know the reasons for this. AS the descriptive approach suits the subject of the study ,and it is a method that based on the accurate description of the phenomenon. More than one method has been used to collect the data, which has been collected from the concerned institutions as well as the distribution of a questionnaire on agricultural holders with total number"100" questionnaire. To fulfill the work the needed maps have been used in the study . The study included initially on a general introduction to the study, included two chapters where the first chapter deals with natural and human factors affecting the pattern of agricultural agricultural exploitation and possession by their size and the nature and characteristics of agricultural holders in Khan Younis and the second concluded chapter dealing with the agricultural exploitation patterns between (1996-2014) m study presents the findings and recommendations of the study concluded. The study recommends limiting urban indiscriminate sprawl toward agricultural land. Holding seminars for farmers and inform them of all that is new in order to facilitate the agricultural process.


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