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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2019)

Apiculture - Beekeeping in Ethiopia

Awoke Kassa Zewdie

Titre : Apiculture - Beekeeping in Ethiopia

Auteurs  : Awoke Kassa Zewdie
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2019-01-25
Pages : 452

Apiculture is a Science based industry, which uses bees as micromanipulators to harvest plant foods from environmental resources that would otherwise be wasted. Honey : it is delicious and nutritious where man combat in one way or another malnutrition. It is sweet, viscous juice collected in the largest quantities from the beehive. Pollen : it is the male reproductive agent of flowering plants. In the developed countries, it is used in some expensive dietary supplements, since it is believed to have valuable medicinal properties. Royal jelly : or bee’s milk, it has been studied to have a good source of vitamin B. Like pollen it is thought to have medicinal value and therefore used in certain expensive preparation. Royal jelly can also be used to make chocolate candy and wine, as well as lotions and tonics for therapeutic use.

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