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Al-Quds University (2014)

The Status of Tourism and Tourism Facilities in Palestine, and its Socio-Economic Dimensions

Ala’ Awad Elias Abu Sada

Titre : The Status of Tourism and Tourism Facilities in Palestine, and its Socio-Economic Dimensions

Auteur : Ala’ Awad Elias Abu Sada

Université de soutenance : Al-Quds University

Grade : Master 2014

This study described the status of tourism and tourism facilities in areas : Jericho, East Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron, during the review of tourism recent history of Palestine in general. Also, the study detected the problems that the areas of study suffer from in terms of tourism sector. However, the study analyzed the Socio-economic dimensions for tourism based on the status. This study included a description of tourism and its facilities in the areas of the study, under the upstanding conditions, especially in Jerusalem district, which is not controlled by the Palestinian Government. Most of problems and obstacles that facing the areas of study with regard to tourism facilities and activities, as whole have been determined ; This study was based on the descriptive approach, to describe the status of tourism and its facilities, problems and solutions that face these facilities and on the analytical approach to know the socio- economic dimensions of the status of tourism and its facilities. A brief account was given about the areas of study, and the other areas which are not included in this study, and about their most important sites. The community of this study consists of all the specialists and relevant to the tourism activity, and all of the inbound tourists during the period of 12/2013 to 1/2014, the period when the researcher collected data from tourists. In this study the researcher used an interview questionnaire (Appendix 1), the interview has been done with a directed specialized respondents in tourism, who were 26 persons from Tourism Organizations. In addition to, a questionnaire used for tourists, that questionnaire has translated into 5 languages, and has been filled completely by 163 respondents. The results of the study has shown that : The existence of many tourism attractive sites and elements in Palestine ; of which some are invested whereas others are not. The lack of high qualified administrative and professional human resources in tourism domain. Also, the study shows the outdated tourism law. Lack of supervision on the tourism facilities and sites in general by the specialized party (MOTA). The has also shown that ; the certified tourism itineraries in Palestine, controlled by Israeli’s Authority, and they are not diversified. The study proved that there is no positive social dimensions could be revealed from the reality of tourism and tourism facilities, but the economic dimension for this reality is better than the social dimension but it is not enough. Another important result which is concerning on the religious tourism only in promotion and marketing, and neglecting the other kinds of tourism (Eco-tourism, Environmental, Community-Based Tourism). Based on aforementioned results, the study finally came to the following recommendations, which are : the dire need for updating of the tourism law to be compatible with the nowadays circumstances. And, the need for designing and adopting a comprehensive integral national strategic plan, which leads to developing the tourism activity in the researched areas and other areas of Palestine. Finally, the recommends more attention should be given to develop all kinds of tourism available in Palestine to benefit the largest possible sector of the local society.


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