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Dryland Ecohydrology


Titre : Dryland Ecohydrology

*Offers a unique collection of studies on the hydrology and ecology of drylands *Written by world-class experts in arid and semiarid environments *Helps define ecohydrology as a discipline* Presents a broad range of research areas in ecohydrology, with a particular focus on processes characteristic of water-limited ecosystems

Auteur/ Editor : D’Odorico, Paolo, Porporato, Amilcare, Wilkinson Runyan, Christiane (Eds.)
Publisher Springer
Date de parution : 2019 2nd ed.
Pages : 201

By combining the analysis of biotic and abiotic components of terrestrial ecosystems, this book synthesizes material on arid and semiarid landscapes, which was previously scattered among various books and journal articles. It focuses on water-limited ecosystems, which are highly sensitive to fluctuations in hydrologic conditions and, in turn, play an important role in affecting the regional water cycle. Intended as a tool for scientists working in the area of the earth and environmental sciences, this book presents the basic principles of eco-hydrology as well as a broad spectrum of topics and advances in this research field. Written by authors with diverse areas of expertise who work in arid areas around the world, the contributions describe the various interactions between the biological and physical dynamics in dryland ecosystems, ranging from basic processes in the soil-vegetation-climate system, to landscape-scale hydrologic and geomorphic processes, ecohydrologic controls on soil nutrient dynamics, and multiscale analyses of disturbances and patterns


Page publiée le 18 novembre 2019