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Universitat Politècnica de València (2016)

Disseny de nova plantació d’olivera ecològica en regadiu al T.M. de Penàguila (Alacant)

Sirvent Mengual, Mauro

Titre : Disseny de nova plantació d’olivera ecològica en regadiu al T.M. de Penàguila (Alacant)

Auteur : Sirvent Mengual, Mauro

Université de soutenance : Universitat Politècnica de València

Grade : Ingeniería Agroalimentaria y del Medio Rural 2016

The present final year project (FYP) is based on the design of an olive tree plantation in the municipality of Penàguila, in l’Alcoià area. It is a typical three-hectare plot of land planted with olive trees and almond trees to be reconverted. The aforementioned plot is made up of eight terraced plots, each of which of a different size. The relevance of the project lies in the plantation framework and in the type of formation system, as the system to be carried out will be intensive with a plantation framework of 4 meters between lines and 1.85 metres between trees (4x1.85). Furthermore, it is important to point out the implementation of an irrigation system to better the yield of the olive trees, especially during the first years. The plantation is going to be put into practice by means of ecological agriculture so as to respect the environment as well as consumers and workers. The olive yield will be destined to the elaboration of ecological extra virgin olive oil to be marketed. Taking into account the proprietor’s demand, pertinent studies such as sun and water analyses were carried out in order to know whether the plot conditions were appropriate to implement this kind of plantation. This plot of land has never had dripping irrigation, so the necessary calculations have been done to study the possibility of installing the appropriate hydraulic equipment to water the fields by means of dripping irrigation. Therefore, this is an innovative project which makes use of new agricultural systems where mechanization is one of the fundamental pillars, both at harvesting time and at pruning time

Mots Clés  : Olivera , Producció ecològica , Reg localitzat , Regadiu , Ecològic , Intensiu , Localized irrigation , Organic production , Olive tree , Irrigated plantation , Intensive


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