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Noor Publishing (2019)

Atlas Anatomy of Small Ruminants

Gamal Eldin Swielim

Titre : Atlas Anatomy of Small Ruminants

Auteur (s)  : Gamal Eldin Swielim
Editeur  : Noor Publishing
Date de parution : 11.06.2019
Pages : 292

Atlas, Anatomy of Small Ruminants is prepared to be simple and sufficient for the needs of the veterinary students. The diagrams and illustrations, which profess considerable accuracy of detail, are drawn from carefully dissected specimens and treated by computer programs for application of nomenclature of the different structures. This book presents the important features of regional and topographical anatomy of small ruminants in a series of diagrams of detailed dissections. These structures are identified and labelled on the drawings. The nomenclature is based on that of the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria (2017) with the Latin terminology used for muscles, arteries, veins, lymphatics and nerves, but the English terms used for the most other structures. The atlas is also provided with tables summarized the muscles, arteries and nerves of different regions and structures of the body

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