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Taormina, Italy 23-25 May 2010

Advances in statistical hydrology


 Advances in statistical hydrology

  • Taormina, Italy 23-25 May 2010


University of Catania Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, IAHS, STAHY


The workshop has the main objective to provide a focused forum for exploring the potential of novel statistical methods and techniques to analyze hydrological and other geophysical processes.
The main attention is towards univariate and multivariate probabilistic analysis and modeling of hydrological extremes, stochastic modeling with reference to space-time simulation methods, long term persistence, analysis of nonstationary processes, as well as development and application of non parametric methods.
Presentations giving emphasis to new applications of traditional approaches are also encouraged.

 Workshop themes

  • Coping with non stationarity in hydrological cycle
  • Dealing with risk and uncertainty in hydrology
  • Analysis, prediction and forecasting of hydrological and geophysical processes
  • Tools for advanced hydrological assessment and stochastic modelling

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