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Crop & Pasture Science

CSIRO Publishing

Crop & Pasture Science

continuing Australian Journal of Agricultural Research

CSIRO Publishing

Informations sur le journal

Crop & Pasture Science (continuing Australian Journal of Agricultural Research) is a highly cited and prestigious journal with a focus on innovative and rigorous research. The Journal reports research on advances in plant sciences, sustainable farming systems, and food quality.

Crop & Pasture Science is an international journal publishing outcomes of strategic research in crop and pasture sciences and the sustainability of farming systems. The primary focus is broad-scale cereals, grain legumes, oilseeds and pastures. Papers are encouraged that advance understanding in plant-based agricultural systems through the use of well-defined and original aims designed to test a hypothesis, innovative and rigorous experimental design, and strong interpretation. The journal embraces experimental approaches from molecular level to whole systems, and the research must present novel findings and progress the science of agriculture.

Crop & Pasture Science is read by agricultural scientists and plant biologists, industry, administrators, policy-makers, and others with an interest in the challenges and opportunities facing world agricultural production. To facilitate accessibility and clarity, research papers should address a clearly enunciated hypothesis, and the Abstract should define the novel outcomes.

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