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North-West University (2018)

South African renewable energy law and the mitigation of climate change

Rungwe, T.

Titre : South African renewable energy law and the mitigation of climate change

Auteur : Rungwe, T.

Université de soutenance : North-West University

Grade : Masters of Law in Environmental Law and Governance 2018

The negative effects of climate change such as unpredictable weather patterns resulting in flash floods, drought and heat wave to mention only a few had forced countries, United Nations and non-governmental organisations to urgently seek solutions to address climate change. One way of preventing climate change is the reduction in greenhouse gases. It is an open secret that humans are a major emitter of greenhouse gases hence the need to focus on changing human behaviour towards energy use. South Africa is fortunate to have varied sources of renewable energy hence it is upon herself to capitalise and diversify its energy mix by deploying more renewables. Surely South Africa has taken a step in moving towards green economy through the deployment of renewable energy sources but a stumbling block remains lack of single renewable energy law that governs the rolling out of renewables. The research seeks to investigate the relationship between renewable energy law and policies and climate change mitigation. In other words to what extent renewable energy policies mitigate climate change ? The research starts by the historical development of climate change mitigation followed by the state of renewable energy sources and development of renewable energy policies. The discussion ends by evaluating renewable energy policies. The paper also highlighted the potential conflict between the deployment of renewable energy and the realisation of socio-economic rights. The research also recognises the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa as a point of departure in analysing renewable energy policies.


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