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Cairo University (2016)

Waterfront Regeneration and Connections Case Study Bulaq Abul-Ela

Zohrab Bedros Aroshekian

Titre : Waterfront Regeneration and Connections Case Study Bulaq Abul-Ela

عادة إحياء الواجهات المائية للمدن حالة دراسية "بولاق أبو العلا"

Auteur : Zohrab Bedros Aroshekian

Etablissement de soutenance : Cairo University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2016

The relation between waterfronts and human settlements has always been marked as vital interwined relation since the beginning of civilization, as the water is considered the main source of life, and its existence had the great impact on the evoluationary process of the communities on the urban, social and economic aspects.The changes and progression have been reflected on the urban morphology of the cities that possess waterfronts. The dynamics of the change sometimes had led to changes in function leaving some places abandoned or unused, accompanied with the emegergence of urban barriers between the cist and its waterfront. These barriers caused the disconnection of theat relation, as it has been witnessed in a number of metropolitans that have waterfronts. As these ports acquired a certain identity, whether industrial, administrative or residential, the changes in the policies had led the desertion of these places, with a negative impact on the urban and social fabrics, reflected on the economic flourishment as well.

Mots Clés : Waterfront, Port, Urban Develoment, Regeneration, Post-Industrial, Bulaq Abul-Ela.


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