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Cairo University (2016)

Wastewater Reuse Potential in Sana’a Basin

Abdullah Mohammed Ali Derhem

Titre : Wastewater Reuse Potential in Sana’a Basin

إمكانية إعادة إستخدام مياة الصرف الصحي في حوض صنعاء

Auteur : Abdullah Mohammed Ali Derhem

Etablissement de soutenance : Cairo University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2016

Reuse of wastewater in agriculture is considered one of the most recommended alternatives for alleviation of water shortage in Sana’a Basin, Yemen. The results showed that the reuse of wastewater can cover up to 30% of the agriculture demand, and can increase the period of usable groundwater resources from 20 years to 35 years. However, the results of economic analysis for different scenarios of reuse under the proposed cropping pattern showed that it is feasible under gravity conveyance, while the economic return is not attractive under pressurized systems. Government support to implement the reuse options is required for environmental protection and social welfare

Mots Clés : Sana’a Basin, Water Reuse, GIS, Hydraulic Analysis, Economic Analysis


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