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Cairo University (2011)

Rainfall Short Time Duration Analysis in Arid Regions

Khaled Asaad Ahmed Ahmed

Titre : Rainfall Short Time Duration Analysis in Arid Regions

تحليل الأمطار للفترات الزمنية القصيرة في المناطق القاحلة

Auteur : Khaled Asaad Ahmed Ahmed

Etablissement de soutenance : Cairo University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2011

Floods in arid regions usually occur due to high-intensity rainfall in short duration storms. Supposing uniformity of storm intensity within the storm duration due to shortage of short duration data, might lead to flood estimates less than observed, that could endanger the designed drainage structures. Precipitation distribution is heavily affected by rainfall intensity during one storm. In case of no available rainfall data at short duration intervals, many suggested distributions that can be used as design Hyetograph in humid regions. Nevertheless, few papers treat design hyetographs in arid and semi-arid regions. Unfortunately, in many countries, short duration rainfall data are rarely available. Their proper collection requires continuously recording precipitation gages which have not been numerous until recent years. This thesis suggests analyzing available short duration rainfall data in arid region to develop design hyetograph representing the recorded storms and comparing this hyetograph with published design storms. ?

Mots Clés : Hydrology, Rainfall temporal distributions, Arid regions


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