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Cairo University (2005)

Greywater Treatment and Reuse in Egyptian Schools

Hazem Abd El Aziz Ibrahim Selmy

Titre : Greywater Treatment and Reuse in Egyptian Schools

Auteur : Hazem Abd El Aziz Ibrahim Selmy

Etablissement de soutenance : Cairo University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2005

The problem of having high water consumption in public building has been addressed in many of literature. The reduction of water consumption in such building would have great influence on the commodity and economics .the schools are one of the most contributors in such problem. This thesis investigates the contest of such problem trying to find technical and economical options to reduce the schools water consumption. Thus, this work aims to minimize the consumption of drink water in Egyptian schools by reusing the treated greywater in the irrigation of garden schools and toilet flushing, which results in decreasing of drink water consumption in the schools. As a result for this the cost of the school drink water will be reduced by about (65-70%). A unique feature of our work is the design of greywater treatment system simply, where depends on natural treatment without any chemical materials. Which helps of its application in the different Egyptian schools. Reuse of treated greywater is ideal solution to safe the big quantities of drink water used for plant watering, therefore the Environmental Egyptian Standard in Egyptian Schools recommended that "must care of school’s green area for students, which doesn’t less than 0.8 m2 for each student in schools with limited area, but in the schools with unlimited area the green area for each student reach to 1.00 m2" (ref. BAEB, 1997). According to this recommend greywater treated will be useful to use in irrigation green area in school also it can use after treated in toilet flushing which it safe the bid amount of drink water use for this purpose. This thesis includes the suggest model for greywater treatment in Moubark School (case study) and experimental results of samples greywater before and after treatment (at along year 2004) which reflects the easy of the proposed greywater treatment.

Mots Clés : Greywater, Treatment, Samples analysis, Blackwater


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