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Cairo University (2003)

Water Quality Management for El-Salam Canal

Mostafa Elkhedr Gad Ahmed

Titre : Water Quality Management for El-Salam Canal

Auteur : Mostafa Elkhedr Gad Ahmed

Etablissement de soutenance : Cairo University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2003

Numerous efforts are currently exerted in Egypt to confront the potential threats to surface and groundwater quality. Untreated or poorly treated urban sewage, together with agricultural and industrial wastes, endanger a significant portion of the surface water irrigation and drainage networks and consequently several economic activities are affected. El-Salam canal is a major national project which derives its water from three drains (Faraskour, El-Serw, and Bahr Hadus drains) and Damietta branch with nearly equal amounts. A nine step general methodology for water quality management is first proposed. The steps comprise several jobs starting with full description of the project under consideration, statistical analysis of the water quality data of the project, field visit for the project, description of the water quality model (QUAL2E) that will be used for the selected water quality parameters simulation, sensitivity analysis of the model coefficients, model calibration, model verification, ration and run ten scenarios, and finally the conclusions and the recommendations.

Mots Clés : Water quality management, QUAL2E, Statistical analysis, El-Salam canal


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