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University of Gezira (2018)

Production of Biodiesel from Colocynthis Seeds Oil

Younis, Elhassan Ali Hassan

Titre : Production of Biodiesel from Colocynthis Seeds Oil

Auteur : Younis, Elhassan Ali Hassan

Université de soutenance : University of Gezira

Grade : Master of Science (MS) in Chemical Engineering 2018

The increasing awareness of the depletion and shortage of fossil fuel and many global environmental considerations led to the demand of renewable and friendly energy. This study aimed to produce of biodiesel from colocynthis seeds oil, and determination of physicochemical properties of colocynthis seeds oil and produced biodiesel. Colocynthis seed oil was extracted mechanically, raw oil was flittered by surgical cotton to strip off solid particulate matter and heated to 105 oC and maintained at this temperature for fifteen minutes to remove all the water from it. In transesterification process, Methoxide solution was prepared by addition of 6.5 grams 97% pure NaOH to 200 ml of methanol and stirred thoroughly until it forms a clear solution, then the solution of methoxide was added to 1000 ml of colocynthis seeds oil. The mixture of oil and methoxide was heated to 60 oC and maintained at this temperature with stirring at 500 to 600 rpm in a closed conical flask for one hour reaction time. When the solution turns into silky brown in color, this shows that the reaction was completed. After one day settlement of the mixture in decanter, upper part biodiesel and bottom part glycerin was separated from the biodiesel. Coloynthis methyl oil ester was bubble washed with distilled water for about half an hour to remove soaps and un-reacted alcohol. Biodiesel was heated to 105 oC for one hour to remove water. Some physicochemical properties of colocynthis seeds oil were determined. Peroxide value was found to be 1.08 meq per/kg, free fatty acids 0.193% , refractive index 1.4762 nD, moisture of colocynthis seeds was 0.093%. Fatty acids profile analyzed by gas chromatography (GC) indicated that colocynthis seed oil was consisting of high amount of oleic acid (C18:2) 49.27% followed by palmitic acid (C16:2) 13.27%, Linoleic acid (C18:2) 11.75%. Biodiesel yield was 98.3%. The properties of biodiesel were studied, kinematic viscosity is 4.24 cSt, density is 0.8884 g/ml, flash point is 168oC, cross calorific value is 44.98 MJ/kg, distillation temperature is 330oC and cetane number is 56.2. The results agreed with American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) standard D6751 and the Committee of Standardization in Europe (CEN) standard EN 14214specification. The finding of this study showed that colocynths seed oil has potential for biodiesel production. This study recommended that to study the kinetics of production of biodiesel from colocynthis seeds oil.


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