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Addis Ababa University (2018)

Mapping Temperature Zone of Ethiopia for Binder Performance Grading System

Mahlet, Gahsaw

Titre : Mapping Temperature Zone of Ethiopia for Binder Performance Grading System

Auteur : Mahlet, Gahsaw

Université de soutenance : Addis Ababa University

Grade : Master of Science in Road and Transportation Engineering 2018

Ethiopia is located near to the equator and climatic condition varies from hot-dry-arid regions to tropical rain forest. Seasonal temperature fluctuation is very high in some parts of the country. Hence, temperature and loading time susceptible construction material such as asphalt binder should assign by considering environmental temperature range and traffic condition. The first challenge, concerning binder-assigning process in Ethiopia, is prediction of pavement temperature. In developed countries, pavement temperature is obtained from air temperature using SHRP temperature conversion algorithm that accounts all heat-flow-balance in both fluids and solid material. In Ethiopia, it is subjected to the engineer detailed knowledge of project location and the parameters to be considered with. The second challenge is the test and specifications used by highway agencies. The current conventional method is empirical and failed to predict how the binder perform under a wide range of temperature. Therefore, the aim of this study was to provide a temperature zone map based on predicted pavement temperature and evaluate currently utilized asphalt binder by rheological test methods. 20 years’ air temperature data for 27 locations are obtained from Ethiopian National Meteorological Agency to develop the temperature zone map while primary data of pen-grade 40/50, 60/70 and 80/100 binders are collected using conventional and rheological taste methods. The samples are obtained from ECWC, CCCC and AACRA ongoing road project. Dynamic Shear Rheometer and Elcometer-2300 rotational viscometer is available in Addis Ababa University. The first was used to conduct Amplitude and Frequency sweep test at intermediate temperature and Performance grade determination and Multiple Stress Creep and Recovery test at highest pavement temperature ; and the later was used to determine viscosity at 60 o C, 135 o C and 165 o C. The performance Grade temperature zone map is developed by converting 20 years’ air temperature data to pavement temperature using SHRP temperature conversion model at 20mm depth of the pavement with 98% reliability. The map divided Ethiopian temperature zone into five main PG-grade counties and most of the areas are dominated by PG58-YY and PG64-YY.


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