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McGill University (1998)

Assessment of LEACHM-C model for semi-arid saline irrigation

Hagi-Bishow, Mohamed

Titre : Assessment of LEACHM-C model for semi-arid saline irrigation

Auteur : Hagi-Bishow, Mohamed

Université de soutenance : McGill University

Grade : (M.Sc.) 1998

Arid and semi-arid countries are facing the exhaustion of their water resources and are being forced to use saline water (brackish groundwater and drainage water) for irrigated agriculture. The result is often disastrous as extensive productive regions become salinized. Nevertheless, there is potential to expand irrigated agriculture through the increasing use of saline waters for irrigation. This study presents an analysis of the performance of a transient state, model for numerical simulation of water and solute transport, known as LEACHM-C. It is assessed for areas where saline water may be an option for crop production. The model estimates the salt and water balance of a soil profile given certain irrigation and crop rotation strategies. First, the predictive capability of the model was successfully tested using one year of data from a field experiment in a dry region of India. Second, potential usefulness of the LEACHM-C model as a tool in the planning of reclamation activities was examined for a semi-arid basin in Syria.


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