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Inner Mongolia University of Science&Technology (2019)

Mining and Analysis of Weight Growth Factors of Desert Steppe Sheep Based on Improved


Titre : Mining and Analysis of Weight Growth Factors of Desert Steppe Sheep Based on Improved

Auteur : 高迪;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2019

Université : Inner Mongolia University of Science&Technology

In recent years,information technology has gradually penetrated into production and life,which based on the Internet,big data,cloud computing,etc.For the continuous development of modern animal husbandry construction rate and informationization,a large amount of data is generated in many aspects such as animal husbandry production,management,and product circulation.Therefore,how to analyze the weight gain of sheep in desert steppe based on complex and diversified data is one of the hot issues to be solved in modern animal husbandry.At the same time,grassland as an important natural resource is not only the environment for the herdsmen to survive and develop,but also the material basis for the herdsmen to carry out production and life.The ecological environment of the grassland is directly related to the economic development of the pastoral area and the development of the herdsmen.The deteriorating ecological environment has caused people to pay attention to grassland utilization,grassland protection and sustainable development of grassland.Although the grassland yield in the world is declining,the herdsmen are driven by economic interests and other reasons,and the number of livestock is growing rapidly.Grasping the dynamics of grassland vegetation change,driving mechanism and maintaining the balance between supply and demand of grass and livestock are important guarantees for the sustainable development of grassland grazing system,and it is of great significance to guide the construction of ecosystem in this area.Remote sensing data,actual stocking data and existing research result were used to calculate the livestock carrying capacity and over rate of vegetation subzones in Sunitezuo Banner in 2010 to 2015.The NPP and its relationships with climatic factors(temperature,precipitation)and carrying capacity were analyzed.The results show that there is a significant positive correlation between NPP change and annual average precipitation in Sunitezuo from 2000 to 2015 and Sunit Zuoqi has serious overload problems.Precipitation is the main driving factor for the balance of grassland and livestock.It is difficult to achieve long-term balance of grassland and livestock by simply controlling the number of livestock,the judgment candidate set generation condition is added to make up for the shortcomings of generating a large number of candidate sets and scanning the database multiple times,and reducing the generation of infrequent itemsets,thereby improving the efficiency of the algorithm.In view of the above problems,this paper proposes an improved Apriori algorithm based on the diversity of desert steppe data.At the same time,the data of desert steppe were analyzed and studied,and the correlation between weight gain and external factors in desert steppe sheep was obtained,and then the herdsmen’s scientific breeding was guided,which proved the effectiveness of the method

Mots clés : Grassland animal husbandry; Apriori algorithm; Association rule; Data mining; NPP;

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