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Politecnico di Milano (2018)

Sustainable entrepreneurship in the MENA region : the role of incubators


Titre : Sustainable entrepreneurship in the MENA region : the role of incubators


Université de soutenance : Politecnico di Milano

Grade : M.Sc. in Management Engineering 2018

Résumé partiel
Each country wants to improve its socioeconomic wealth, and what better way to do that than through entrepreneurship, which is a catalysator of positive change, innovation and improvement. However, entrepreneurs in developing world face many obstacles on their way to establishing and growing a business and this is where business incubators come into focus. Since entrepreneurs in developing countries do not have enough resources and knowledge to overcome the challenges they face, they will need incubators to provide for them an enabling environment where they can develop their ideas ; their business capabilities, which are often underdeveloped in developing countries ; link them with potential partners, customers, suppliers ; and lastly help them with funding, which is more difficult to obtain in these regions. For this reason it is necessary to see what are business incubators currently doing in developing regions and one such region is MENA (Middle East North Africa). It is also necessary to see how these incubators can improve, and what would be the perfect incubator, towards which they could strive. Another important aspect of entrepreneurship in developing countries is sustainable, youth and women entrepreneurship. Women and youth are often discouraged from becoming entrepreneurs in these countries and therefore, having incubators that specifically support and create an environment where they can develop their business skills and ideas would be of great significance. One of the biggest challenges for MENA region is youth unemployment, with one in four young people unable to secure a job. Young women are affected the most, in many countries of MENA female youth unemployment rates exceed 40%.Women also represent an untapped entrepreneurial source as most of the entrepreneurs in these countries are male. In Egypt specifically, men account for 86% of entrepreneurs. Therefore it is necessary to see what efforts are incubators currently putting in to stimulate women and youth entrepreneurship and is it enough. Both women and youth could bring different ideas and innovations to the market which is another reason for having them more involved in entrepreneurial practices. Sustainable entrepreneurship, as a way to develop sustainable value – that is shareholder wealth that at the same time leads us to a more sustainable world is also a huge opportunity and should be encouraged as well. Sustainable entrepreneurship is of great significance because it can bring necessary transformations to the way the business are operating today, including changes to products, processes of firms, both of which are currently unsustainable and have detrimental environmental impact in capitalistic society. Encouraging entrepreneurs to look for innovations in clean technologies and finding disruptive innovations could help not only them and other firms in their region but can lead to a better and cleaner world as well.

Mots Clés  : imprenditoria ; MENA ; Egitto ; incubatori di imprese ; valore sostenibile ; imprenditorialità femminile ; imprenditorialità giovanile ; imprenditoria sociale ; vuoti istituzionali


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