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Politecnico di Milano (2019)

ERG. Ecological research garden (Tehran)


Titre : ERG. Ecological research garden (Tehran)


Université de soutenance : Politecnico di Milano

Grade : Laurea Magistrale (2019)

ERG Stands for Ecological Research Garden and this thesis project is based on the Conservation and Sustainability Approach. By Paying attention to the subject Sustainability and Sustainable Development With the agenda of the Botanical Gardens accepted by all institutions and the relevant organizations are located. Therefore, today the main goals of international organizations and institutions of botanical gardens are to make Sustainable architecture in design. Thus, one of the main goals of the thesis is to increase the level of social awareness and specialized knowledge in the community. By recognizing this need and changing a bit of lifestyle we can meet to the point of changing, changing in good and the best way possible to play a role in saving our planet. we choose Tehran because there is no such thing as the botanical garden exists in it, and it’s an over crowed polluted city in which the change in people’s lifestyle is necessary there. We choose our site plan because of some important factors exist in it. First of all, we have a very important factor which is water, one of the first needs of life and of course necessary to have a garden Secondly, it’s located close to the central business district of Tehran nearby to of important high ways of the city and also it belongs to the municipality. Our project, we transform the site and redesigning it sustainable with lots of green area and greenhouses also trying to produce energy as much as we can, to reach the goal to have the project site from this an ugly and dirty place to a dutiful garden with research and cultural centre which going to be managed by two universities, University of Tehran and polytechnic of Tehran. We also have plant production and soil production on one part, and recycle centre on other parts which are going to be managed by the city (municipality) and km zero restaurants which they can manage by a private entity (Botanical Garden). One of the main purposes for designing this project apart from awareness and giving people, a better lifestyle is to create a good realm for relaxation and minimization of negative effects arising from air pollution, moreover, reduction of the level of environmental pollutions to the least possible. To reach our goal we are going by proposing some programs such as exchanging recyclable garbage with plants, bio bags, parking area, free entrance, chance to participate in classes and kinder garden for working parents and etc.

Mots Clés  : riciclabili ; ecological research garden ; sustainable ; botanic garden ; recycable ; lifestyle


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