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Politecnico di Milano (2018)

Old regions act as a tool of cities growth


Titre : Old regions act as a tool of cities growth


Université de soutenance : Politecnico di Milano

Grade : Laurea Magistrale 2018

The main thesis objective is to assess the overall value of the heritage buildings of the old cities as well as provide and develop general conservation procedures and guidelines by studying heritage buildings of the Old city of Jerusalem, Vienna and Hatra which are also the UNESCO world heritage site. The reason behind choosing these heritages from different part of the world is due to the fact of different type of values these cities possess which are religious value for Old city of Jerusalem, art and culture for Historical city of Vienna and Hatra has both type of values which has to be exploited. The investigation into this area increases the understanding of the role of conservation guidelines and the exploitation of the different values to protect heritage buildings to and contribute to the literature by extending the current body of knowledge on this issue. This thesis has provided the solutions of the problems which old cities are facing at present with sustainable development by conserving their values through a business and conservation model which is mainly focused on tourism sector for Old city Jerusalem and Historical city of Vienna and applying that model on the archaeological site of Hatra, Iraq which is totally abandoned. This research is expected to give a contribution in providing policy and guidelines that will become the future reference for other heritage buildings located in the old region of the cities. In addition, the appropriate conservation guidelines provided by this research can be used by the real estate planner, conservator, building contractors and economist to guide them through conservation works. This study can be taken into consideration while taking first step for historic conservation policies for heritage buildings in Europe and Middle East. Therefore, policy maker may utilize findings of this study in determining their policies and practices.

Mots Clés  : città storiche ; conservazione ; pianificatori ; abbandonato ; UNESCO


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