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Politecnico di Milano (2017)

Nomad. Passive insulated vaccines container


Titre : Nomad. Passive insulated vaccines container


Université de soutenance : Politecnico di Milano

Grade : Laurea Magistrale 2017

Two thirds of the world population is permanently exposed to infectious diseases caused by several viruses and micro-organismes. Immunization has been declared one of the most cost-effective health intervention from the 20th century. However, There are still 19,4 million un-vaccinated and under-vaccinated children in the world, representing the least privileged members of society : those who are fleeing disaster, marginalized, dispossessed or simply uncounted. Counting exclusively the most widespread infectious diseases, in developing countries, 3 million of children perish from tuberculosis and 1 million from malaria. Nevertheless, most of them can be fought with a proper immunization follow-up. The system used for storing vaccines in good condition is called the cold chain. It is represented by a series of links, designed to keep vaccines within WHO recommended temperature ranges, from the point of manufacture to the administration site. Cold chain equipment (CCE) is an essential component of the supply chains that ensure life- saving vaccines reach every child. According to WHO/UNICEF (2016), it is estimated that more than 78% of health facilities in low- and lower-middle- income countries are equipped with cold chain equipment that is either not functional or that uses obsolete technology, potentially exposing vaccines to excessive heat or freezing. About 20% of health facilities had no CCE to store vaccines and protect against heat damage. Consequently, vaccines may be damaged or lose their potency before even arriving to the immunization session site. If this deterioration is not perceived by the health workers due to a lack of equipment reliability, proper training or standard operating procedures, the person may be vaccinated with an un-reliable vaccine so the effective immunization won’t be completed. Nomad is a passive refrigerated vaccine carrier designed so the access to proper immunization for the large proportion of the population, only reachable by outreach sessions or mobile teams, is facilitated. Notions as portability, intuitive functioning and misuse prevention were developed in accordance with the determination of minimizing the intervention during the progress of an immunization session to avoid overwhelmed health workers.

Mots Clés  : vaccini ; trasporto ; temperatura controllata


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