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University of Padova (2016)

Blind Date : Pastoralists meet agribusiness in the Senegal River Delta.

Cirillo, Davide

Titre : Blind Date : Pastoralists meet agribusiness in the Senegal River Delta.

Auteur : Cirillo, Davide

Université de soutenance : University of Padova

Grade : Doctoral Thesis 2016

This thesis analyses a case study on territorial transformations induced by the private lease of a natural reserve situated in the Senegal River Delta Region. It aims to question mainstream discourses about large-scale land acquisitions that portray stakeholders as homogeneous entities, i.e. the “state”, the “company”, the “local community”, bestowing them with static features and prearranged power relations. Against these arguments, the theoretical proposal is to look at the land acquisition through the relational approach to territory and territoriality of Claude Raffestins’, by integrating it with the Sandra Evers’ analytical tool of Zones of Intermediality. ‘zones of intermediality’ has been used as analytical tool to grasp stakeholders’ discourses and positionalities that slip away by macro narratives. Therefore, this study analyses variations in stakeholders’ positioning, their interconnections and the divergent responses of groups of farmer, pastoralist and agro-pastoralist to a new top-down project of territory. Moreover, it aims to show how grounded analysis on large-scale land acquisitions can disentangle the simplistic discourses of “global threats to vulnerable local territories”, by pointing out the distinctiveness of places in attracting and/or mediating transnational dynamics of resource accumulation. I argue that by analysing power-embedded mediation patterns and discursive practices, the Zones of Intermediality could enhance the capacity of Raffestin’s territoriality approach in capturing territorial ideas and practices of everyday life.

Mots Clés  : Land Grabbing, Pastoralism, Development, Agribusiness, Senegal, Senegal River Delta, Geography, Anthropology


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