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Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH) 2018

Climate Change Impact Assessment of a Biochar System in Rural Kenya

Sujessy, Libbis

Titre : Climate Change Impact Assessment of a Biochar System in Rural Kenya

Auteur : Sujessy, Libbis

Université de soutenance : Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH)

Grade : Master of Science - Sustainable Technology 2018

Résumé partiel
Biochar systems have been beneficial to Kenyan residents living in the rural areas, particularly in Kwale, following recent research interventions. Biochar system starts from the biomass feedstock sourcing, its production method, and finally its application to soil. The aim of this study is to assess the climate change impacts of the application of biochar in smallholder farms and households in rural Kenya, against the traditional agriculture and cooking practices under realistic conditions and from a life cycle perspective. The scope of this study includes the biomass sourcing identification, biomass availability measurement, cooking practice observation and biochar application during planting season (April to May) at one of the rural areas, the Waa Ward in Kwale County under The Biochar Project. Field observation was carried out to identify and measure on-farm biomass availability and cooking performance. The identification and measurement of biomass weight were conducted through survey and manual scale, respectively. While the cooking performance was observed with uncontrolled Kitchen Performance Test (KPT) method. A life cycle assessment was conducted to evaluate the climate change impact of biochar system in Kwale. The biochar production method, also called the improved system in this study, is compared against the traditional system. This study focuses at the cookstove used for the two systems, Gastov and three-stone open fire. Gastov is a type of Top-Lit UpDraft (TLUD) natural draft gasifier cookstove investigated.

Mots Clés  : Biochar, biochar system, Life Cycle Assessment, climate change, three-stone open fire, TLUD gasifier, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change mitigation


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