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Central South University of Forestry and Technology (2019)

Screening of Camel Woody Feed Varieties in Southern Xinjiang


Titre : Screening of Camel Woody Feed Varieties in Southern Xinjiang

Auteur : 刘宇栋;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2019

Université : Central South University of Forestry and Technology

Résumé partiel
In this paper,taking Maigaiti County in Kashgar area of South Xinjiang as an example,the suitable woody feed types and nutritional value of Bactrian camels in South Xinjiang were studied,and the preference of Bactrian camels for woody feed was also studied.The purpose is to provide reference and suggestions for the feeding of Bactrian camels in southern Xinjiang.1.The woody diet of Bactrian camel in Maigaiti County was screened by field investigation and field investigation.The results showed that there were 27 kinds of woody feed for Bactrian camel in Maigaiti County,which belonged to 11 families and 22 genera.The dominant families are 5 genera of Leguminosae,5 genera of Chenopodiaceae,2 genera of Salix and 2 genera of Elaeagnaceae,4 species of Poplar in Salix,2 species of Caragana in Leguminosae and 2 species of Elaeagnus in Elaeagnus.27 kinds of suitable woody feed for Bactrian camels include 14 shrubs and 13 trees.Populus,Elaeagnus angustifolia,Hippophae rhamnoides,Haloxylon ammodendron,jujube,camel thorn and Populus euphratica are widely distributed in Xinjiang.2.Using standard method,the nutrient indexes of dry matter,crude protein,crude fat,neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber of 27 kinds of camel woody feed and 3 kinds of control herbs were determined.The woody feed and control herbs were evaluated by relative feeding value(RPV).The results showed that except for Haloxylon ammodendron and Caragana intermedia,the dry matter content of 25 kinds of woody feed and 3 kinds of control herbs were lower than 50% ;the crude protein content of Apocynum venetum,Populus wutunyang and Populus bamboo was lower ;the crude fat content of three kinds of woody feed was lower ;the neutral detergent fiber content of 27 kinds of woody feed was lower.The lowest amount was jujube and the lowest content of acid detergent fiber was pseudocarpus crassipes.The relative feeding value of 19 kinds of woody fodder such as camel thorn,red willow,sea buckthorn,black sand artemisia,Oriental Elaeagnus angustifolia,Xinjiang poplar,bamboo willow,Populus euphratica,cotton,rough pseudocarpus equisetifolia,Wutunyang,Lycium barbarum,Apocynum,Caragana intermedia,Xanthoceras,Elaeagnus angustifolia,Haloxylon ammodendron,Acacia japonica and alfalfa and liquorice was higher,while the relative feeding value of woody skin and camel velvet was higher.

Mots clés : Southern Xinjiang; Bactrian camel; Woody feed; Relative feeding value;

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Page publiée le 30 avril 2020