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University of the Punjab, Lahore (2018)

Human Security Challenges to Pakistan (Water Scarcity, Food Shortage and Militancy)

Abbas, Mazhar

Titre : Human Security Challenges to Pakistan (Water Scarcity, Food Shortage and Militancy)

Auteur : Abbas, Mazhar

Université de soutenance : University of the Punjab , Lahore

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science 2018

Human security is a new concept in security studies that emerged in 1990s in the arena of global politics and shifted the focus of security studies from statehood to humans. Countries started to focus at human security while managing their national security policies but many countries of world neglected the human security values in formulation of their national policies and Pakistan is one of those countries. Blend of human security challenges has gradually emerged in Pakistani society due to its negligence in addressing human security issues particularly water scarcity, food shortage and militancy. Fragmented character of society has politicized the water issue in the productions of more water reservoirs which has created the water scarcity in the country that led to food shortage in the society. Common people are deprived from their basic necessities of life which has created the annoyance in deprived people who stood against the writ of government and a wave of militancy has been instigated in almost every part of country. The current research work has analyzed all aforesaid human security challenges to Pakistan in detail. For this purpose, a questionnaire was developed and responded by academia from 10 universities of Pakistan representing all provinces and centre as well. The respondents were 25 students of Masters, MPhil and PhD level and 5 faculty members from Political Science and International Relations departments from each university and collected data has been analyzed by using the Statistical Package for the Social Studies (SPSS) to reach the sound conclusion. Current research work has recommended that the human security challenges to Pakistan such as water scarcity, food shortage and militancy may be addressed appropriately by adopting the comprehensive strategy comprising the use of force, diplomatic ways of negotiations and social elevation of common people in the society.

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