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Increasing Ecotourism Capacity in Kusadasi Villages (Turkey)


Titre : Increasing Ecotourism Capacity in Kusadasi Villages (Turkey)

Pays : Turquie

Numéro projet : TUR/SGP/OP6/Y3/STAR/BD/19/13

Domaine : Biodiversity

Durée : 5/2019 — 2/2020

Bénéficiaire : Ecosystem Protection and Nature Lovers Association

The purpose of the project is to increase the capacity of ecoturism in the villages of Kusadas ? ; thus , it will be possible that ecotourism becomes widespread in the villages of Kusadas ?. Mass tourism, intensifying on the shores of Kusadas ? town, has the potential to destroy the natural structure by spreading into the villages and natural areas in the countryside. The project targets the promotion of ecotourism in order to preserve natural values and rural structure, to maintain their sustainable utilization and to enable the protection and utilization balance.

The essential outcome of the project is an ecotourism plan that is to be prepared with the participation of an interest group and local public. An ecotourism analysis report, studies on the increase of the capacity, a guide book containing trekking routes (book and mobile app.), a sample ecotourism acitivity and the preparation of ecotourism publication activities will be realized to support the preparation and implemention of this plan. 1. Ecotourism plan is a short, unofficial, mid and long term list of activities that interest groups and local people prepare together and practise for the purpose of the development and widespreading of ecotourism in the field. 2. Ecotourism analysis will reveal the ecotourism related needs , tendencies , and demands of the interest groups and local people and become a foundation for the other studies of the project. 3. Training meetings aim the consciousness and increase of the capacities of interest groups and local people on the subject of ecotourism . 4. An easily available and map-based guide book which presents the biodiversity , cultural and historical values of the field being a base for ecotourism activities will be prepared. It will be presented as a booklet and mobile app. 5. A sample application enabling the producing women in the field villages to sell their products will show the local people and interest groups that ecotourism plan is applicable and encourage them to form applications within the short, mid and long term plan. 6. Brochures, guide booklet, ecotourism plan leaflet introducing, widespreading and maintaining sustainability of the project activities will be prepared and presented to local people, interest groups and other people concerned.

Grant Amount (GEF) : US$ 1,000.00
Co-Finanshing Cash : US$ 8,400.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 5,040.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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