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Women Cooperative Corporative Project (Pakistan)


Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)

Titre : Women Cooperative Corporative Project (Pakistan)

Pays : Pakistan
Localisation : Union Council Seriya, District Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Date : non précisée

Project Goal : Empowered targeted UC especially women from ultra-poor group through establishment of sustainable social enterprise and improved health facilities.

Project Objectives : To establish a social enterprise for continuous technical, social and financial backstopping of the women local support organisation (LSO) and people of UC Seriya in order to enhance the livelihoods for ultra-poor households. Provision of curative health facilities to 500 ultra-poor women household of UC Seriya, Haripur.

Expected Outcomes : A social enterprise established through continuous technical, social and financial backstopping of the women LSO and people of UC Seria for the enhancement of ultra-poor livelihood earnings. Strengthened LSO/s having ability to generate financial resources and to run and lead their development initiatives on sustainable basis. Improved curative health services for 500 ultra-poor women household through Provision of health insurance cards and awareness raising in the targeted UC through sessions and campaigns.

Mise en oeuvre : Hazara Development & Advocacy Foundation (HADAF)
Financement : Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)
Financial Outlay : Rs. 9.9 Million

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)

Page publiée le 28 juillet 2020