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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2020)

Oasis Trees Pests Of Date Palm

Magda Sabbour

Titre : Oasis Trees Pests Of Date Palm

Auteurs  : Magda Sabbour
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2020-04-13
Pages : 192

Date Palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is considered one of the fruit trees that belong to Palmaceae. The genus consists of fourteen species distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions. Many arthropod species are known as pests of the date palm throughout the World. Its reported on more than 50 species of insects and mites as pests of date palms in worldwide. In which, approximately 25% of these species of insects and mites are considered serious pests.The oasis is integrated into its desert environment through an often close association with nomadic transhumant livestock farming (very often pastoral and sedentary populations are clearly distinguished). However, the oasis is emancipated from the desert by a very particular social and ecosystem structure. Responding to environmental constraints, it is an integrated agriculture that is conducted with the superposition (in its typical form) of two or three strata creating what is called the "oasis effect " :

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