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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2020)

Unique Properties and Some Specifications of Dromedary Camel Milk

Ayman Balla Mustafa

Titre : Unique Properties and Some Specifications of Dromedary Camel Milk

Impact of Parity and Weaning Strategies on Milk Nutritional Values and Productive Traits of Dromedary Camel

Auteurs  : Ayman Balla Mustafa
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2020-03-21
Pages : 188

Camel milk is very suitable for human nutritional requirements ; many scientific researches focus on myths of highly potent medicinal properties of camel milk have been brought to public attention in the early seventies. The book is containing series of experiments in nine chapters, each chapter was carried out specific experiment regarding camel milk properties. Firstly, a field survey was carried out to draw a profile of status quo and camel communities’ livelihood in three major regions of camel production in Sudan, this chapter concluded the socioeconomic aspects of pastoral communities in desert and semi desert area. Secondly : experiments were conducted on camels detect milk nutritional values under weaning control. Thirdly : experiments were conducted under modern system of compatible body weight and breed. Fourthly : experiments were conducted on different parities to compare milk constituents of fore and rear quarters. In the fifth experiments milk nutritional value was determined in she-camels raised under modern and traditional systems. Milk quality from traditional system provide human with high nutritional values should be satisfied for maintenance, growth and production.

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