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Agricultural training and access to market in Ethiopia


C.E.F.A. – Comité Européen pour la Formation et l’Agriculture

Titre : Agricultural training and access to market in Ethiopia

EMPLOY – formation and job to provide an alternative and sustainable choice to migration in the rural areas of Wolaita

Pays : Ethiopia
Lieu : 5 districts of Wolayta zone (100 villages), Ethiopia

Date : 21 months, from December 2016 to September 2018

The Wolaita region, in the south of the country, is characterized by high rate of poverty, which leads part of the population to move and find better life elsewhere. The project wants to involve authority and local associations, by offering formation to trainers, who in turns will train local communities over 4 wide sectors : agriculture (cultivation and production of vegetable, fruit, cereal and honey), creation of rural associations, trade and access to the market, access and management of microcredit systems. We expect also to create opportunities of exchange between Italy and Ethiopia to give trainers the chance to live successful agricultural and agro industrial experiences. This will make them able to transfer those skills and knowledge to the farmers of the 100 beneficiary villages of the project. The beneficiaries are going to be formed and updated through the lab of dissemination and restoration held by trainers in the different villages.

Bénéficiaires : 20.000 farmers of 100 villages

Partenaires : * ITALIAN PARTNERS : CCCA, Unilink, SGAID, Ente Nazionale per il Microcredito, ANSPC * LOCAL PARTNERS : WODA - Wolaita Development Association

Donneurs : This project is co-financed by Ministry of the Interno


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