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SELGE Brand Project (Turkey)


Titre : SELGE Brand Project (Turkey)

Pays : Turkey

Numéro projet : TUR/SGP/OP6/Y3/STAR/BD/19/17

Domaine : Biodiversity

Durée : 5/2019 — 9/2020

Bénéficiaire : Women and Youth Initiative Society

The project will be implemented in Alt ?nkaya village, which is part of the Köprülü canyon national park. Alt ?nkaya village also includes the ancient city of Selge. We decided to set up this project for the following reason. The village is substantially underdeveloped and has limited financial resources. Although it has high tourist potential, it has unfortunately been taken out of the existing tourist routes and therefore needs an additional source of revenue in order to contribute to its development.

The aim of the project is to ensure the rural development of the ancient city Selge by creating a brand from its traditional sources of production. In order to reach to this aim, Selge brand shall be created, the products (local&herbal) produced by the villagers will be packaged and marketing, sales and distribution channels will be established. . The project targets women and youth. The duration will be 18 months.

Grant Amount (GEF) : US$ 25,000.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind :

GEF Small Grants Programme

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