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Land-Potential Knowledge System (Namibia)


Titre : Land-Potential Knowledge System (Namibia)

Pays  : Namibia

Date/Durée : January 2013 to December 2017

The Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS) aims to increase access to global and local land potential knowledge. The program is developing innovative mobile data collection, analysis methods, and tools to be used by farmers, pastoralists, governments, and development workers to sustainably increase agricultural production, biodiversity conservation, and improve climate change adaptation efforts and other ecosystem services.

LandPKS uses mobile phone and cloud computing technologies to : * Globalize access to local and scientific knowledge and information about land potential, * Identify and deliver the knowledge and information relevant to each type of land/soil to anyone with a mobile phone, and * Connect people with similar types of lands and challenges with each other to share learning and experiences.

Implementing organizations USDA
Donors : USAID
Data Provider : USAID

Project Value : 5,000,000.00 $

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