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A New Start for Refugees and Returnees (Sudan)


Titre : A New Start for Refugees and Returnees (Sudan)

Pays  : Soudan

Date/Durée : 2019 – 2020

Projet ID : SDN 1171-19

Western Sudan is currently home to many South Sudanese refugees as well as local returnees and internally displaced persons. Through this project, Welthungerhilfe is helping a community it already serves find its way back to a normal daily life. The people are receiving seeds, ploughs, and goats as well as advice and training, because a lot of knowledge can be lost during long periods of conflict. Sacks, which women can use to cultivate vegetables in small spaces via a multi-tier system, are also being distributed. In addition, access to clean water and sanitation facilities is being improved.

Institutional donors  : Oxfam America

Budget : € 559,045

Présentation : Welthungerhilfe

Page publiée le 18 août 2020