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A Sweeping Blow for Increased Sustainability (Tajikistan)


Titre : A Sweeping Blow for Increased Sustainability (Tajikistan)

Pays  : Tajikistan

Date/Durée : 2015 – 2020

Projet ID : TJK 1096-15

This large-scale consortium project, with several international partners, aims to stabilise and improve the weak livelihoods in a valley in the north of Tajikistan. Some resources are available to use on various levels here : the use of water, forests and the soil will be entirely reframed through awareness raising and demonstration of more sustainable alternatives. Buildings are being insulated, renewable energy sources are being harnessed, and energy-saving ovens are being used. Efficient irrigation systems and greenhouses are being built - it is the whole package.

Institutional donors  : CESVI,EU,OXFAM GB

Budget : € 6,437,445

Présentation : Welthungerhilfe

Page publiée le 16 août 2020